4 Keys That Helped Me To Harness A Positive Attitude

Why is optimism often regarded as a trivial attribute?

A Penny for Thoughts

What is a thought?... well, Britannica claims that “it is a covert symbolic response to stimuli that is either intrinsic or extrinsic. Thought, or thinking, is considered to mediate between inner activity and external stimuli”. I have always been a firm believer in positivity; believing in the idea of making an effort to find the light in … Continue reading A Penny for Thoughts

One Day At a Time

Building and abiding by to new habits is not a walk in the park. It typically goes by smoothly when you first start it, then your subconscious mind resists it because it is something new, unusual, and perhaps threatening. Hence begins a waged war on the conscious mind because the body is trying to change … Continue reading One Day At a Time

This I believe

This year has without a doubt been the most challenging I have endured, yet the most gratifying in regard to my personal growth. I have been constantly pushing myself to reach higher expectations and to embrace my mistakes no matter the cost. This was a rather difficult task because I was and still am what … Continue reading This I believe

The Secret to Proper Levitation

Levitation is a state of mind that one reaches through constant harmonious vibration with the laws of nature. It enables one to generate dynamic, magnetic, stable, and dominant forces within the universe. These past few weeks, I have been doing a lot of reflecting and soul-searching trying to figure out my purpose. I am now … Continue reading The Secret to Proper Levitation

Visualize Your Own Happy Place

Lately, I have been trying to make meditation a habit. It is a constant struggle trying to find a perfect time to fit it in the daily routine especially on work days. But, what I realized is how my days significantly get better once I do it. I typically go about my day with a … Continue reading Visualize Your Own Happy Place

Levitate and Radiate

Levitate and radiate... These past few months, I have found those two words quite profound. I have repeatedly caught myself reflecting on their essential meaning, and what I realized is that these two words embody our purpose here on earth. We were put into this world with inherent and unique gifts that must be manifested. … Continue reading Levitate and Radiate

Pressure to Deliver: Give Into It and You Might Just Lose It All Part II

When I started the second quarter of nursing school, I was not happy with how the situation turned out. It seemed like I was losing control of my life and I was desperately trying everything to regain that feeling and stability. To this day, I still vividly remember the talk I shared with my mom … Continue reading Pressure to Deliver: Give Into It and You Might Just Lose It All Part II

Pressure to Deliver: Give Into It and You Might Just Lose it All…

It was early morning, just like any other day in June, I had just finished going over my nursing test and knew that my chances to pass the quarter had just gotten slimmer. I would exactly need a 93 on the cumulative exam to keep my hopes alive. Tell me, how do you handle such … Continue reading Pressure to Deliver: Give Into It and You Might Just Lose it All…